We Are Committed To...

Bringing you the most realistic, accurate representation of your next home.  No filters, no surprises, just the simple honest to goodness truth of what you'll find when you come view these houses for yourself.


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What We Do...

We create professional video walk through tours of properties for sale.  Our goal is that by watching our tours you feel like you have walked through the house yourself and have a good idea if that house is for you or not.  


Why We Do What We Do...

In our experience, we've found that very often real estate photos can be misleading.  You search and search for that perfect house, you spend hours scouring the internet trying to find a home you love.  You make a list of houses you're excited about, set up house showings, schedule time off and babysitters, then you drive all over town and when you finally get to that one house the moment you open the door you know it's not for you. Hours down the drain.

On the other hand, how many houses are out there that would be perfect for your family but you skip over it because the pictures didn't do it justice?  You search and search for months but if you had only known what the house was really like you could have finished searching much earlier.

This is why we do what we do.  We've felt the frustrations. We're tired of the struggle.  We have a simple and effective solution.  VIDEO WALK THROUGH TOURS!


How It Works...

Check out the calendar, schedule a date that works for you.  We'll come out and take professional photos of the home, and film the video walk through.  The process generally takes about an hour and a half.  We edit the walk through tour, choose the best pictures of your home, and create a custom website for your property.  Most houses will have a custom website domain that is the address of the house.  For example- www.1375willow.com.  Within a few business days we'll have everything finished and ready for you to share with the world.


For Realtors®...


You know better than anyone that a home sold fast means no price reductions, which means happy clients, and more commissions for years to come.  Our research has found that homes with video tours have around 400% more web traffic than homes with pictures only.  Video tours up until now have been reserved for million dollar listings only, due to the high cost of video production.  However, now with Premier House Tours you can bring that luxury to almost every seller.


By creating custom websites for each of your listings, you will be able to pull potential clients out of Zillow and onto a website that has contact information for only one Realtor®- YOU!  


By offering a video walk through tour, you can essentially offer a 24/7 broker's open via email.  Realtor's® can walk through your listings anywhere, anytime, on any device and know exactly what you have to offer their buying clients.